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mainly white-collar workers in areas such as engineering and marketing. Sharelle Herrington, senior industrial officer for the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, said she expected about 70 jobs to go from engineering - about 10 per

  • period, ▓China's auto industry grew steadily. A group of local manufacturers of lig▓ht-and heavy-du
  • ty trucks emerged, and manufacture bases took▓ shape including: FAW, the
  • Second Automobile Works, China Hea▓vy-Duty, South Auto, and others

cent of its workforce. Holden recently closed its four-cylinder engine plant at Fisherman's Bend, shedding

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00 jobs, and has cut the hours ▓of workers at its Adelaide factory. It also lost a luc▓rative export p

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al Motors, a▓xed its Pontiac division, which was selling left-hand drive variants of the Holden Commo

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